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Yoga with Grace

When I teach, my intention is to help my students become fully aware of the relationship between their bodies and minds. I use a very therapeutic and intuitive approach to assist them to move away from their analytical and intellectual minds and instead begin to intuit and acknowledge what they feel in their bodies.

Above all, I want to impart to my students an awareness of how to treat themselves compassionately and achieve an understanding that the yoga poses are not meant to be performed or accomplished—they’re simply a means of discovery.

I look forward to seeing you in class!

Grace Dulude

“I’m humbled and awed by students telling me I’ve changed their lives and that my classes have helped them achieve greater clarity and arrive in a place of truth.” ~Grace

Private Yoga Classes

If you’d like to deepen your Yoga practice—physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually—private yoga instruction is a good choice. Traditionally, yoga students would find their “Guru” and work individually because everyone’s path is different. I like to honor this tradition by offering private instruction to those seeking to delve into their existing practice. Contact me for details.

Yoga for the Nervous System

Busy professional? Overwhelmed Mom? Stressed-out college student? There’s a better way! Decrease anxiety and relieve chronic stress while increasing vitality and energy in this small, group program. Each session will integrate breath exercise, visualizations, and restorative yoga poses and each will be slightly different to best meet the needs of the group in the moment. Ask me for more information and details.

Yoga and Journaling: Intentional Connection

Discover a deeper self-understanding and explore your relationship to Self and to others. This exclusive program is kept deliberately small. This 8-week group program provides a chance to quiet the mental chatter and increase the ability to hear your inner guidance. Each session will include meditation, visualization, and restorative yoga postures followed by intentional writing and reflection to increase your inherent ability to connect to your personal intentions. Contact me for more information and details.