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You Can Live a More Joyful, Peaceful Life

I believe it’s very natural and intuitive to combine mental health with mind-body therapies. Our mind and bodies are two significant aspects of who we are. What we think has a direct impact on how we feel and the way in which our bodies respond. If we are full of worry and negative self talk or stress and anxiety, our bodies will feel contracted and tense and will have a direct impact on our nervous system and health. I want to help all my clients:

  • Decrease stress, depression and anxiety
  • Achieve balance in mind and body
  • Discover what inspires them and gives their lives purpose and vitality
  • Live more present and joyful lives

My approach is to create space in which my clients feel safe and understood. No individual session or workshop will look the same. I meet my clients where they are at on any given day and determine the best strategy to manage what is presenting. My work rests on the belief that working with individuals is a continuingly unfolding process that shifts as my clients are able to make choices to support the way they would like to feel. When we make choices based on supporting how we’d like to feel, our true paths become illuminated.

Transformative Support is Waiting For You

Clients come to me for myriad reasons: anxiety and depression, grief/loss, chronic illness/pain, trauma and PTSD, spirituality, relationship issues, stress management, and obsessive compulsive disorder to name a few.

One-on-one Programs

are custom designed so each client’s individual needs are met.


are created to offer support, guidance, and the unique sense of empathetic community that a group program cultivates—and that can be so powerfully healing.

If you’re experiencing anxiety and stress and would like to learn how to manage those symptoms, know there is a better way. All it takes is motivation to change the current situation and a little courage to explore the places that may feel scary. I’ll help you make choices—and then continue to make choices—that move you steadily forward toward joyful and authentic living.

Are you ready to meet your best self?

Learn more about the services I offer and how I can best meet your needs.
Or contact me and let’s schedule an initial, free phone consultation to determine the best course of action for you at this moment.

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Valerie, Longtime Client

“Thank you Grace, for your compassionate approach to supporting my healing journey. You have helped me to reconnect with my inner self, to heal, to find answers and to find peace.”