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Stephanie, Grace's Yoga Student & Therapy Client

I have struggled with anxiety and finding balance in my life for as long as I can remember…

A few years ago I began taking Grace’s mindful flow yoga class, and I knew immediately that she would make a difference in my life. Grace is so welcoming and has an amazing way of reading and working with the energy of her classes. She shares pieces of wisdom and inspiration along the way, and they speak so loudly to me that I’ve often felt like she read my mind.

Over the past few months, Grace has taught me how to create space in my mind by getting into my physical body and feeling. It’s not always easy, but she has provided support every step of the way. I can honestly say that I am the healthiest and happiest that I’ve been in a long time. I’ve gained an incredible amount of mental clarity, which has created a sense of calm and opened my eyes to possibilities that I never would have imagined before.

Grace truly cares for her clients and students and it’s easy to see how rewarding her work is for her. I can’t thank her enough for all that she’s done and continues to do for me.

Valerie, Client

Since I have been working with Grace I have learned to bring things into my heart and be willing to feel my feelings. While this has been challenging at times, Grace has provided tools that help me to feel safe in doing so and in the end truly heal…

Thank you Grace, for your compassionate approach to supporting my healing journey. You have helped me to reconnect with my inner self, to heal, to find answers and to find peace.

Verj, Weekly Yoga Student

Grace has been one of my yoga teachers for 10 years. My Monday morning starts out being an incredible day & week that follows. She centers me and I’m more focused, rejuvenated and have a sense of empowerment. Grace’s presence has an aura. I could just “hang” with Grace all day and soul search together with NO judgement, just love, compassion, kindness, and her warm smile. She’s very grounding… I call her an “Old Soul”!