Programs That Serve Your Whole Being

I deliberately combine cognitive therapies with mind/body work because over the years, I’ve recognized that it’s difficult to facilitate transformational and lasting change if people can’t be in their bodies. My programs allow space and opportunity for individuals to become aware of what they are feeling—not just what they’re thinking—in order to actively heal what feels wounded.

I’ve learned that just teaching people how to think positively or reframe thoughts and beliefs isn’t enough … being able to calm and soothe their physical self, too, is key to stopping the worrisome and negative thoughts.

There are a variety of ways to work with me: Individual therapy sessions, coaching calls, comprehensive individual and group programs, and individual or group yoga classes. Below is a list and description of my current programs.

Grace Mind Body

Current Programs:

Conscious Living Program

Learn how to move past blocks, live more consciously, and find more peace and joy in your daily life. This 16-week program combines several effective and powerful modalities:

  • Standard Talk Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Restructuring
  • Body-Centered Therapy
  • Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction
  • Yoga Mindfulness Practices and Yoga Postures
  • Core Energetics

Combining these particular therapies provides a visceral experience that actively moves you forward and past what may be blocking you. I work to create a safe and supported space for exploration and learning so you can be fully present to your true experience and live consciously with more contentment and joy. There is no “typical” program session format; sessions will use any one or combination of the above modalities to ensure you receive exactly what will serve you best in each session. Contact me to learn more.

Yoga For the Nervous System

Busy professional? Overwhelmed Mom? Stressed-out college student? There’s a better way! Decrease anxiety and relieve chronic stress while increasing vitality and energy in this small, group program. Each session will integrate breath exercise, visualizations, and restorative yoga poses and each will be slightly different to best meet the needs of the group in the moment. Ask me for more information and details.

Yoga and Journaling: Intentional Connection

Discover a deeper self-understanding and explore your relationship to Self and to others. This exclusive program is kept deliberately small. This 8-week group program provides a chance to quiet the mental chatter and increase the ability to hear your inner guidance. Each session will include meditation, visualization, and restorative yoga postures followed by intentional writing and reflection to increase your inherent ability to connect to your personal intentions. Contact me for more information and details.

Ready to Take a Step Toward a Happier You?

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